So You Want To Start A Home Business?


"If Your Answer Is YES, Then This Is Your Lucky Day"


Now I’m sure that you’ve heard that same old line before and may be a little skeptical at the moment. That’s O.K. and I don’t blame you. The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of fly by night companies out there that will promise you the world but always seem to come up a little short on those promises. I know all about it. I’ve been in this business a long time and can tell you from experience that if it looks to good to be true, it probably is.


So you may be asking yourself what it is that I’m going to show you that’s going to solve all of your problems.


The Answer: NOTHING


What I’m about to show you is not a cure all for your financial future. But I will show you what has worked for me and is working for my team members.


Just to show you that I’m not trying to hide anything, I’m going to give you a ‘worse case scenario’ just to show you that there is no way you can lose with this company.


The company I’m referring to is World Ventures



Let me highlight just a few of the benefits:


-You Can Make an Unlimited Amount of Money


-You Will Be Able To Go On Vacation at a Discount of 50-80%


-You May Get Free Upgrades on Hotel Rooms, Car Rentals, and Flights


-You Will Be Able to Write Your Vacations Off on Your Taxes (saving you $1000’s every year)


-You Will Get Paid Every Time Someone You Know Takes A Vacation




So Are You Interested?



And the best part is, I’m going to show you how it is so SIMPLE,


‘Even a Caveman Could Do It’




Here are the basic concepts of World Ventures


1. Book travel through your own website and get paid back 60% of the commissions.

2. By being in the travel business, previously non-deductible personal travel can be converted into BUSINESS travel expenses, and can be deducted from income taxes.

3. As an LTC it is possible to take advantage of travel agent rates, perks, and FAM trips. Traveling as an “insider” can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars on travel.

4. Share the World Ventures business opportunity with others and generate an income for yourself.



Concept  #1. Book travel through your own website:

Did you know airlines, hotels, rental car companies, cruise lines, excursions, and many other aspects of the travel industry pay COMMISSIONS to travel agencies as an incentive to book with them?

How do you think Expedia, Orbitz, Hotwire, Travelocity, Priceline and all the rest make money? It’s through the commissions paid when someone buys something through their website.

As an LTA (Leisure Travel Consultant) you have your own website (I’ll call this website your “travel portal”) to book travel through.

Anytime someone goes through YOUR travel portal and makes a purchase, you will be paid 60% of the commission paid to World Ventures. World Ventures is the “big momma” travel agency of which we’re a part. Hertz, for example, will pay World Ventures a commission for booking with Hertz, and then World Ventures will pay YOU 60% of that amount.


The REASON World Ventures makes sense, and the whole concept works, which means the company is viable and is a place to build your FUTURE is that they actually offers GOOD DEALS!

This whole thing would fall apart if someone had to pay MORE for their travel, but they’d (supposedly) do so to “help a buddy out”…know what I’m saying? IT DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT IN THE REAL WORLD…THAT’S WHY SO MANY “NETWORK MARKETING” COMPANIES ARE TOTALLY DOOMED TO FAILURE. The deal doesn’t make sense from the get-go; no matter how “hyped” something is, once people catch on and pull away the curtain they see it’s BS. Once they find out they can get the same product (or even BETTER), somewhere else CHEAPER, they WILL and the whole business falls apart.  The bottom line is, MONEY TALKS.

So…it makes sense that friends and family will check out your site and when they go online to comparison shop for travel they’ll put yours in the mix…and if it makes SENSE to them (either economically or in the case of your mother, “morally”) they’ll book through you and you’ll get the commissions.


QUESTION: If it makes sense from a travel perspective, then why spend the money to join World Ventures? I can just save on travel by booking though my World Ventures-member friend’s site and not have to join, right?

ANSWER: It’s true you can just book travel through anyone’s World Ventures site and get the travel deals they offers. But, remember the 4 concepts of this business …the travel portion is only ONE of the reasons to be a member (and, actually is just small portion as you’ll soon learn).


Here, I’m going to say this for the first and NOT the last time…the ONLY way someone can LOSE in World Ventures is:

1. They pay absolutely no Federal or State income taxes
2. The never travel for pleasure or have any expenses that are for pleasure
3. They never, ever will tell anyone about World Ventures after they join
4. They never consider going on a fantastic, exotic FAM trip or Members Trip

As you can see, World Ventures makes SENSE for anyone interested in travel, and/or saving money on travel, and/or saving money on taxes, and/or making money from home.

Later on I’m going to give you the reasons those are the only ways anyone can “lose” by joining World Ventures, but for now just take it at face value.



To me, this is BY FAR the most OVERLOOKED “concept” of them all. Many people think, “Yeah, yeah, taxes. Hey, I get money back every year so why should I join World Ventures for that reason”, or “Sure, reduce taxes…ha!...that doesn’t happen/won’t make a difference”. Boy, are these people wrong!

If you pay taxes, or have taxes taken out of your paycheck, then literally you NEED to have a home-based business! It’s really one of the only LEGITIMATE tax-reduction strategies left. Home businesses can reduce your income taxes by THOUSANDS of dollars a year! I’m talking $3000, $5000, $10,000 or MORE back in YOUR POCKET, just by being in World Ventures and taking the LEGAL, LEGITIMATE, ETHICAL, and MORAL DEDUCTIONS available to you!

What am I talking about? Here is a list from my tax advisor, Sandy Botkin CPA, Esq., a former IRS attorney and CPA who advises people in home businesses how to LEGALLY reduce taxes.

He says, “…I state in my book, “Lower Your Taxes: BIG TIME,” that you would have to be brain dead not to have a small or home-based business.”

Here is a list from his tape series “Tax Strategies for Business Professionals (including Home Business)” on his website (here’s the link):

He has a CD that can be used to explain this available at (search for “Botkin”) or call 866-343-4005.

1. Learn how to potentially deduct most of your fun such as movies, plays, and season tickets
2. Learn how to potentially deduct your golf, golf balls, golf clubs and lessons
3. Learn how to potentially deduct all parties in your home
4. Learn how to potentially bullet-proof all your entertainment from any IRS or state audit!
5. Learn how to potentially deduct any vacation anywhere in the world by combining the trip with business.
6. Discover the secret as to why IRS doesn’t require receipts for under $75 per item!
7. Find out how to potentially deduct all dry cleaning and laundry and even the cost of clothing itself!
8. Learn how to potentially bullet proof all travel from even the toughest IRS scrutiny
9. Discover a little known secret (that is used by the super rich) to potentially deduct the equivalent of your children’s weddings and education including law school and medical school- No kidding!!
10. Find out how to potentially get around all those IRA limits so that you can set up an IRA regardless of income.
11. Discover the secrets on potentially deducting the equivalent of all your kids braces, all dental, all mileage to and from the doctor, all deductibles, all eye glasses and contact lenses.
12. Learn how to potentially deduct two or even the cost of three or more cars in your business.
13. Find out how to really bullet-proof your automobile deductions.
14. Learn when and when to avoid leasing a car.
15. Learn the mistake that over 90% of business people make that cost over $5,000 per year in lost automobile deductions. This one is a killer!
16. Learn the biggest secret that most investors miss that would cut your capital gains taxes in half!! This one strategy will pay for the entire system alone.
17. Learn how to legally take a home-office deduction and yet potentially reduce your chances of an audit.
18. Find out about a major bunch of deductions people are missing at home even if they never claim a home-office deduction.
19. Learn the secrets of what to do if you get audited and eight strategies on how to actually reduce your chances of being audited.
20. Learn about the potential pros and cons of incorporating and about the various types of business entities that are available to you.
21. Discover the real secrets on how to structure any activity as a business and not like a hobby.. Learn what is required to show that you have an "honest expectation of profit."
22. Learn how to potentially convert charitable contributions to become business deductions
23. Learn why it is vital to run all businesses with an honest expectation of profit, and understand the real secret of deductibility for many expenses: your expenses must be ordinary, necessary and reasonable for that business. You will learn what it takes to potentially meet this tests and what these tests mean to your business

There is even more! And through World Ventures there are even more deductible areas because you’re in the TRAVEL business, and almost everything can be related to travel, entertainment, or home business. You can deduct thousands and thousands of dollars of your income. Of course, don’t just take my word for it, consult your tax advisor. Even those of you who are W-2 people can take advantage of deductions and get a whole lot more of your income refunded to you each year.



Think about this…WORST CASE SCENARIO IS:


·  Join World Ventures for $349.99

·  Pay $39.94/month for the website (I can show you how to eliminate this in a matter of days)

·  Never sponsor anyone, so no income. Don’t book any travel on your website, either, so no income there, either.

This is about as bad as it gets. You’re out about $830 in the first year and $600 each subsequent year, with nothing coming in.

Now, consider the tax deduction side of it (say you’re in the 30% tax bracket): The $830 is deductible, so deduct 30% or about $249 in tax savings

Now, let’s say you now deduct your internet connection at home and your cell phone. Let’s say those cost you $75 a month all by themselves, that’s $900 in deductions, or about $300 less in taxes you’ll pay.

Let’s say you go on (what would have been) a personal trip. You’ve saved the receipts and did a little documenting. Say that trip cost you $700. Now, it’s deductible, saving you another $210 in taxes.

So far you’re at $760 back already from your $830 investment for the year. I’m having a hard time keeping this small as nearly everything can be deductible. Let’s say you spend $1000 in meals and entertainment, and all you do is give out a few business cards…BINGO, DEDUCTIBLE. That just saved you another $300 in taxes even though you’ve never sponsored anyone and haven’t booked any travel.

I’m not taking into account family vacations that are deductible now (if you do a little business while you’re gone).

Also, did you know you can “hire” your kids and pay them over $3500 a year, tax-free to them and deductible to you. Just document that they’ve helped you (did some paperwork, mailed some items, vacuumed your office…it is an endless list). If you have 4 kids…you could deduct over $14,000 a year…that would save you over $5000 in taxes you would have paid from this one thing alone.

Do you get the idea…I’ve literally only SCRATCHED the surface. As I said before, anyone that pays taxes virtually CANNOT LOSE by joining World Ventures.

(According to IRS rules, you do have to ATTEMPT to make a profit in your business, otherwise it’s classified as a “hobby” and the deductions do not apply…thought I’d let you know).



Concept  #3 As an LTC it is possible to take advantage of travel agent rates, perks, and FAM trips. Traveling as an “insider” can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars on travel.

A lot of people will want to join World Ventures just for this one reason. The “perks” of being in the Travel Business can allow you as an insider to get special deals not available to the general public.

There are a couple different ways this can save you money:

1. Just as soon as you join World Ventures, you are automatically eligible to take Member Only  Trips that are only available to members of World Ventures at unbelievable prices.

2. FAM trips. This can be a BIGGIE! FAM trips are ultra-discounted, sometimes EXOTIC vacations that are offered ONLY to members of the travel industry.


Here are a couple of examples:

Trip: Visits Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Seville and Valencia. Departures: Fridays through 2007 from New York or Los Angeles to Madrid via British Airways.

Length: Eight nights.

Cost: $1,700 from New York or $1,900 from Los Angeles, per person, double. Includes air, hotel, some meals, sightseeing and transfers.

That’s about $200 a day, INCLUDING THE AIRFARE! Ridiculous!


Does anyone out there have kids?  How about a Disney Cruise for $25 a night.  What! You don't believe me.  Well check it out  DISNEY CRUISE


Now let me tell you about some of the travel benefits I've received in the past couple of months.

-Traci and I just got back from a cruise to the Western Caribbean. The best price we could find was $750 dollars per person, but because we are travel agents, our price was $310 per person. (Total savings of $880)

-I've got my hotel rooms for half price

-I've got FREE upgrades on my car rentals

-I've got FREE upgrades on my flights

All this in just the past couple of months.

These are the reasons we say “Why pay full price when you travel?


Concept  #4 Share the World Ventures business opportunity with others and generate an income for yourself.

This is where you can make a ton of money just by following our simple step-by-step system.


If you would like to learn more about joining World Ventures, go to


Did I mention you will be a part of the fastest growing team in World Ventures. How’s that for results.








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