"Most Online Income Comes From List Building!"


List Building

Every marketer knows the key to online marketing is building a well targeted and responsive opt-in email list. They know Success comes from building Relationships with a large subscriber base.

Building a good responsive list can take years of hard work and effort but the rewards are worth it. Ask any successful marketer to name his most valuable business asset and he will probably say " My Opt-in List!"

If you want to succeed in your internet business - no matter what you're promoting or selling - you have to build your OWN opt-in list.

I can tell you from experience that building a list doesn't have to be hard or take years to achieve.


First, lets go over some basics:

Successful internet marketers all have at least one thing in common- they have all built their own opt-in list. Creating a list and having auto-responders to automate your business is of great importance. What is an opt-in? When you opt-in to a newsletter or mailing list, you subscribe to it, usually by entering your address into a signup form. The people who join your list or newsletter are targeted website visitors (targeted being the key word here).



I've broken everything down into categories so it's easy for you to jump to the area your most interested in. I'll also give you a brief explanation of the pros and cons of each type of advertising and the results you can expect.  If you would like to use one of the sites listed, just click on the name and you will be directed to their page.


Classified Ads!


               US Free Ads

               Classifieds For Free

               Free Classified Ads

               Ad Submitter


Classified advertising on the whole is free. There are some paid versions, but generally you can place an ad for no charge.

This has the obvious advantage that any sales it produces give a 100% profit without the need to cover any expenses. For this reason it is a "must do" for your advertising.

However, it is also not a very effective form of advertising. And by that I mean it won't attract thousands of visitors, so do not expect to be making sales on a daily basis from just one classified advert.

You should really be prepared to post on as many classifed directories as you possibly can. It will take some time to do, but it will produce some sales, so the more you do the more you will get back in return.

All in all, quite time consuming, but all sales are full profit, so well worth it.



Forum Posting!

            Money Forums

               Post Your Ad For Free

               Global Gold Talk

               Money Maker Group

               Profit Seekers Network

            Pinoy Exchange

This is very effective at getting visitors and converting them easily to sales. Just start your own threads or reply to others and recommend your site.

Again this can be time consuming, but it costs nothing, so everything you make back is 100% profit with no expenses to cover.

To find forums related to your niche, just do a google search for forum + your niche and should should find plenty.

Just be aware that you must not spam the forums. Only go into forums or threads where people are actively discussing income opportunities or have asked for information on such things. Don't just go into an unrelated site or topic and force your offer at them. That's obviously rude and will annoy people. Don't do it.




Traffic Exchanges And Safelists

            Traffic Swarm

               The Mad Vlad

               List Bandit

               Hit Pulse

            List Joe   

(Listjoe is my personal favorite.

You can't go wrong with the one time offer.

 Affordable and very responsive.)


Traffic exchanges and Safelists are great ways to promote your business.

One of the key things you can do with these is take advantage of the paid membership upgrades most of them offer. For a small fee, you can buy extra credits and attract far more visitors to your advert and link.

Once you use the paid upgrades, you can simply purchase credits and leave the exchange running automatically without you having to manually click to build your credits.

This free's up your time to concentrate on other advertising.






Press Releases


Submitting a press release to announce a website or a business can drive a huge amount of targeted visitors to your website. Press releases are designed to announce business-related events. For example, someone releasing a new e-book or software program can create a press release to gain more exposure. You can see an example at www.free-press-release.com/news/200803/1205442715.html




Here's a list of FREE press release companies to submit to.














The bottom line is: Exposure = Traffic = Sales














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