"Generate Massive Amounts Of Free Traffic With Articles"


Promoting your business using articles is one of the simplest yet overlooked ways to drive massive amounts of traffic to your site. It is a self generating marketing machine that produces a constant flow of visitors with little effort on your part.  

Article marketing can increase your online exposure, improve your website’s search engine rankings, drive qualified traffic to your website, and position you as an authority in your field. Each of these things can help you capture leads or generate sales through your website — provided your website is optimized for that purpose.

One of the top reasons that you should employ the use of article marketing for your business is that it’s absolutely FREE. The only thing it will cost you is a little of your time (don’t worry, I’ll show you a way around this for those who don’t like writing).


Why Article Writing Is So Important


  1. It is a great way to build credibility for your business. The fact is the more people hear about your business, the more brand recognition you will have. (I’m assuming your business is legit and you want your name out there).


  1. Writing articles can create a ton of back links to your main site. When you create an assortment of articles that have hyperlinks in them, you are allowing yourself to become known by the popular search engines. Basically, the more sites that link to yours, the better your rankings will be in the search engine listings.  More links = More traffic.


  1. You will become known as an expert on the topics you write about. If people learn to trust you as a valuable source of information, they will also trust your products and services. They key is providing your visitors with honest and valuable content.



So How Do I Get Started?


Before you write an article, you should determine whether or not there is potential to receive traffic, how much competition you are up against, and which keywords to optimize to get maximum results. There are several ways you can search for keyword niches.


In order to determine whether or not a keyword is competitive or not, you should go to Wordtracker and check out how many times the keyword or phrase has been searched. The keyword tool grabs search results from Google and will outline the competition and the keyword traffic volume, as well as allowing you to dig down and find more targeted, less competitive keywords.


A good rule of thumb is to aim for keywords where the results are less than 5000. This will make it easier to get your keywords listed as you will have much less competition.


The next thing you will want to do is take a look at the top ranked natural listing under the search term. If the sites on the first page of natural listings have a lower page rank than the article site you are going to submit to, you have a very good chance of getting listed on the first page.  To determine page rank you can use the Google Page Rank Tool.


Your articles should range anywhere from 300-500 words in length. This is the ideal size to get listed within engines, and allows you enough text to promote or provide adequate information on the particular topic.  If you have an article that is longer than this you may want to break it down into smaller topics that make sense and submit them separately.


Next you'll want to insert a title, keywords, and description within the meta tags on the webpage.  You may also want to include a headline with your keyword phrases you are trying to obtain positioning on.  The higher up on the page you have a relevant headline, the greater your chances of getting listed.


In terms of keyword density, or how many times your main keyword phrases should appear on any page, you should have between 3-7 occurrences (or between 3-5%).  Any more than this will appear as content "spam" to the search engines, and any less will not be enough to get listed under those search terms.  There are tools available that allow you to quickly analyze your pages and determine the keyword density.


Next you will want to submit your article to some of the free article submission sites I have listed below. Make sure to include a link to your website/landing page in the author SIG resource box.















 Note:  You should not submit the exact same article to multiple article engines as the search engines do not like duplicated content. However you can write several similar articles focusing on the same keywords, submit them to different article engines, and attempt to get multiple listings under the search terms.




As Featured On Ezine Articles


If you target keywords effectively, your articles, containing a direct link to your website can easily show up in the top ten results in the search engines in a matter of weeks.




Now for those who don't have the desire or time to write articles, this is one heck of a deal.


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